A Correctional Officers Daughter!

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A Correctional Officers Daughter! Empty A Correctional Officers Daughter!

Post by MintCoco!!! on Sun Jun 08, 2008 8:30 am

I didnt write it but its what it feels lyk!!
Its rlly sceary knowing that your dad could be killed at anytime at work...

"A Correctional Officers Daughter"

Being a correctional officers daughter,
Isn't all it's cracked up to be,
It often leaves me wondering,
Will he come home to me?

As he puts on that uniform of blue,
I smile and wonder why,
he chooses a job so daring,
And then, I realize,
he has a job so hard to see,
Within the normal human eye,
He risks his life every day,
To protect both you and I.

He never asks for thanks,
So I'm going to do it for him,
Look around and see,
He's got me to come home to.

Not just him, but all correctional offiers,
Have families like you and me,
And they need to come home,
Alive and well so please,
Next time you think a bad thought,
About these officers in blue,
Remember this little poem,
And give them thanks that's well over-due.



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